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Get qualified - become an international NASM certified Personal Trainer!

knowledge and skills to support clients with musculoskeletal disorders, muscle imbalance problems

Do you want to start your career in the fitness industry?

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Do you want to start who want to start a career in the fitness industry? Read more

Assess & Correct

 How many of your clients move perfectly and have no injuries or aches and pain? Your answer will probably be: "nobody". Learn about it during this course, Start 24th of March!  Read more

NASM CPT in het Nederlands + Engels

De NASM CPT opleiding is nu ook in het Nederlands of Engels op verschillende locaties in Nederland!  


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The NASM CES specialization offers professionals the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills to support clients with musculoskeletal disorders, muscle imbalance and / or functional rehabilitation problems. The "Corrective Exercise" approach is very personal, which makes it possible to offer better fitness opportunities to clients with a poor physical condition or even athletes.

Deze opleiding wordt zowel in Nederlands (NL) als Engels (EN) gegeven. Kijk bij data in welke taal de opleiding wordt verzorgd.

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As a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), it's important to realize that just about every client you work with could be susceptible to common injuries and ailments, ranging from low-back pain to ACL tears to shoulder pain. This course is for the Personal trainer who want's to correct a client’s movement compensation(s), leading to clients feeling better, moving better, and performing at higher levels!


NASM-CPT certification or comparable*.
* Please contact us so see if you have the right prior education.

CEU's: 1.9
Length: 3 meetings
Location: Amsterdam and Rotterdam
Exams: - The "NASM ™ CES exam" (90 minutes): 100 online multiple choice questions in English.
- Case study (90 minutes). You receive the data and test results from a fictitious customer. Based on this information, you answer six open questions and you must prepare a personalized corrective training program that meets the guidelines of the OPT / CES model.
Costs: € 1.295,- (including textbook, online education program, 3 live workshops and one examination resit)
  • Rotterdam; NL:18/11/201825/11/201802/12/2018
    Theory exam:16/12/2018; Theory exam (resit):11/01/2019
  • Amsterdam EN: 03/04/201910/04/201917/04/2019
    Theory exam:10/05/2019


                                                  QUESTIONS? CALL +31(0)85-0604131

At the end of the course:

- You will have acquired a thorough knowledge of the functional anatomy;

- Will you master the Corrective Exercise Continuum (CEx): Inhibit-Extend-Activate-Integrate;

- Will you be able to accurately identify dysfunction;

- Will you develop and structure corrective programs for your customers;

- You will be able to improve the quality of customer movement with compensation behavior;

- You will be more successful as a Personal Trainer and earn more money!

We strongly recommend the certified NASM ™ CES Personal Trainers to continue to form by following the Assess & Correct course.

                                                  QUESTIONS? CALL +31(0)85-0604131

The mission of FIT-NL 

The mission of Fit-NL is to empower fitness professionals with the most respected and up to date research-based knowledge and its practical application to improve clients health, fitness and performance. Fit-NL is a Fit!vak and Europe Active accredited education institute and official education partner of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Fitness isn't a workout, it's a lifestyle!

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Fit-NL B.V.
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2102 LS Heemstede
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