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Become a Certified Personal Trainer. English lessons & exams.

Thanks to the EQF level 3 recognition, this program has an international status.

Wil jij mensen begeleiden bij het behalen van hun persoonlijke fitness doelstelling?

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EFAA en Fit-NL officiële aanbieders van NASM Personal Trainer opleiding

EFAA opleidingen, nationaal coördinator en officieel partner van National Sports Academy of Sports Medicine heeft Fit-NL Fitnessopleidingen gekozen als educatie partner voor de Engelstalige opleiding NASM Certified Personal Trainer in Nederland. EFAA verzorgt alle Nederlandstalige opleidingen en Fit-NL is verantwoordelijk voor dezelfde opleiding in het Engels.

Nieuwegein new location NASM CPT

Not only Amsterdam and Rotterdam will be the locations to follow the NASM CPT course in English. In november Fit-NL will start with a new courselocation in Nieuwegein.

NASM Summerschool in July

The first English Personal Trainer SUMMERCOURSE in the Netherlands powered by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. EHFA and EREPS accredited

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NASM CPT Pre-Course

Fitness opleidingen
2017-08-27 - 2017-09-30

New in the Netherlands: the first International Fitness Trainer course for people who want to start a career in the fitness industry.

This course is recognized by Europe Active, the European Organization of Sport and Health. This modern and scientifically well-founded course, will hand you all necessary tools to exercise the correct theoretical knowledge, and practical experience in order to become a qualified Fitness Instructor. Thanks to the EQF level 3 recognition, this program has an international status, which adds an extra dimension to this certificate. After this course you can continue further education with our NASM Personal Trainer course (EQF level 4).

International Fitness Trainers are automatically registered for the first year in the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS - Level 3). Fit-NL will registrate you after you pass the exams and is offering you one year of registration for free! You can broaden your horizons and work in a European country of your choice. It is possible that certain gyms require you to obtain further certification, depending on the country and local rules and regulations.

Deze opleiding wordt in het Engels gegeven maar is uiteraard ook toegankelijk voor Nederlandse deelnemers die graag een moderne, internationaal georienteerde en erkende opleiding volgen.


Read more about the International Fitness Trainer course.


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  • Van 2017-08-27 tot 2017-09-30

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The mission of Fit-NL is to empower fitness professionals with the most respected and up to date research-based knowledge and its practical application to improve clients health, fitness and performance. Fit-NL is a Fit!vak and Europe Active accredited education institute and official education partner of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Fitness isn't a workout, it's a lifestyle!

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