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Do you want to give others the guidance and strength to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Begeleid als Beweeg- en Leefstijlcoach mensen naar een bewuste, gezonde lifestyle. Fit!vak erkend

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Congres Personal Training in Nederland

Net als voor de fitnesssector in het geheel is er ook over personal training niet veel onderzoek beschikbaar, zeker niet specifiek voor Nederland. Exacte gegevens over omvang en bereik van de markt van personal training zijn zelfs helemaal niet voorhanden. Dat gaat nu veranderen met de publicatie van het boek Personal Training in Nederland. Voor de eerste keer zijn de omvang, trends en ontwikkelingen in de PT-markt in ons land in kaart gebracht, aan de hand van specifiek surveyonderzoek en literatuuronderzoek. NL Actief en Kenniscentrum Sport organiseren op vrijdag 10 november 2017 een congres dat in het teken staat van het onderzoek naar de personal training markt in Nederland. 

  • Datum: vrijdag 10 november 2017
  • Tijd: 10.00 - 14.00 uur
  • Locatie: Expo Houten, Meidoornkade 24 te Houten
  • De aanbieding voor leden van NL Actief en FITNED.NL is € 49,50 (incl. lunch en een gratis boek).
  • Niet-leden betalen € 69,50 (incl. lunch en een gratis boek).
  • Genoemde prijzen zijn exclusief BTW. U ontvangt een factuur.

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Fit-NL NASM community day

For all NASM Personal Trainers Fit-NL organizes a community day with various workshops. Read more

We need to know more about the situation of employees within the fitness industry.

Read more about how you can help us and how you can win great prizes!  Fit-NL, EuropeActive and EREPS will be grateful.

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NASM Personal Trainer WORKSHOP

Fitness opleidingen

Fit-NL is very honored that NASM Master Trainer Mike Fantigrassi will come to Europe to train NASM Personal Trainers in Brussels. Together with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Physical Coaching Academy Fit-NL presents the first interactive workshop in Europe special for NASM certified Personal Trainers. Certified Personal Trainers have a unique opportunity to profit from all the knowledge and experience Mike brings from the USA and NASM. With only 20 places available: subscribe now!

Date = Friday 29th of September 2017


About Mike Fantigrassi
Mike Fantigrassi is director of the department of professional services and Master Instructor at NASM. Mike has more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry as fitness manager, personal trainer and nutrition coach. He teaches and regularly acts as an expert in his field of scientific articles, magazines and books. Mike has obtained a degree in Nutrition at the University of Florida and has also obtained a Master of Exercise Science at the CALU.

Mike's specializations: NASM-CPT, CES, PES, FNS, MMACS. NSCA-CSCS, PN-Level 1.

Content program

Session 1: Corrective Exercice-Take your skills to the Next Level (2 hours)
At this session we will discuss why the corrective excersizes are a skill you must have as a Pesonal Trainer.
What is the difference between exercise and corrective exercise. How to perform advanced versions of the NASM overhead squat assessment and single-leg squat assessment. Best practices for identifying and determining compensation. 

Session 2: Fast Fat Loss-Integrating Nutrition and Exercise to Maximize Fat Loss (2 hours)
Most clients' primary goal is to shed unwanted body fat. In this interactive lecture, we will discuss strategies to maximize fat loss. 
Topics will include how to structure exercise programs with periodization to bust through plateaus, what is the right amount of exercise, and what are the top speedbumps that sabotage solid fat loss. 

Session 3: Performance Training-Taking Your Clients to the Next Level (2 hours)
At this session you will discover - by combining the concepts of NASM Personal Training and corrective excerzises - why and on which way the Performance Enhancement Specialization (PES) the solution for athlets is.
We will discuss how to approach a client new to performance training versus working with a high level athlete. Types of periodization and which work best depending on the athlete's goal. We will finish the day with practicing hands-on with two key performance assessments and work in small groups training designing Phase 5 strength and power supersets.

Practical information

Date: September 29, 2017
Time: 9:30 - 16:30 hrs
Location: Brussels (Belgium)
Cost: € 250, -

Included in the price are:
- 3 * 2 hour workshop with Mike Fantigrassi
- Lunch in the afternoon
- Water throughout the day

Payment must be met before commencement of training
Access: These workshops are for personal trainers only with the NASM CPT certificate
More information:
Mention "Fit-NL" when subscribing on the website of Physical Coaching Academy

Subscribe NOW the be sure you will get this unique chance!


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The mission of Fit-NL is to empower fitness professionals with the most respected and up to date research-based knowledge and its practical application to improve clients health, fitness and performance. Fit-NL is a Fit!vak and Europe Active accredited education institute and official education partner of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Fitness isn't a workout, it's a lifestyle!

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