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Physical Trainer

Do you want to start who want to start a career in the fitness industry? Read more

Assess & Correct

 How many of your clients move perfectly and have no injuries or aches and pain? Your answer will probably be: "nobody". Learn about it during this course, Start 24th of March!  Read more

NASM CPT in het Nederlands + Engels

De NASM CPT opleiding is nu ook in het Nederlands of Engels op verschillende locaties in Nederland!  


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Fitness opleidingen
2019-04-03 00:00
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The NASM CES specialization offers professionals the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills to support clients with musculoskeletal disorders, muscle imbalance and / or functional rehabilitation problems. The "Corrective Exercise" approach is very personal, which makes it possible to offer better fitness opportunities to clients with a poor physical condition or even athletes.
At the end of the course:
- You will have acquired a thorough knowledge of the functional anatomy;
- Will you master the Corrective Exercise Continuum (CEx): Inhibit-Extend-Activate-Integrate;
- Will you be able to accurately identify dysfunction;
- Will you develop and structure corrective programs for your customers;
- You will be able to improve the quality of customer movement with compensation behavior;
- You will be more successful as a Personal Trainer and earn more money!

Please have a look at the website for more information:


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  • 2019-04-03 00:00


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De missie van Fit-NL 

Fit-NL helpt jou wegwijs te worden in de fitness industrie en de wereld van fitnessopleidingen. Fit-NL richt zich op het informeren van belangstellenden over de mogelijkheden die er zijn om opgeleid te worden tot fitness professional en het vinden van de juiste plek om als fitness instructeur of personal trainer te werken. 

Fitness isn't a workout, it's a lifestyle!


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